Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Travel to London

When I first set foot in London, I was like an excited kid setting out on a big adventure. Well, I wasn't just like that -- I was that.

I found London to be a must-see city, a place everyone who loves to see the world should see at least once. I loved walking through Westminster Abbey, strolling on the Thames, and wandering here and there about Piccadilly Circus. I loved the touring through the Tower of London. And I just generally loved the feel of the city. It is so rich in history. (It's a feeling I also got while sitting in the Forbidden City many years later.)

One of the trips we took out of London was to Oxford, and I have to admit... that was like a bit of heaven. The countryside viewed along the way was gorgeous, and visiting the very literary-feeling places around there was right up my alley.

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