Sunday, August 26, 2007

Staying Fit in the City

I didn't grow up in the city, but in a small town. In my younger days, I spent all day during any school holidays in the out of doors, and that was more or less a natural way of staying fit. It doesn't quite work that way in the city, though.

A lot of my friends stay fit by making a visit to the gym each week, or several times a week. I don't really like that, and find it takes me a lot of extra time to make the journey there and back. It ends up being a rather major outing, just to stay a bit fit.

For me, I prefer to try to incorporate my exercise into what I do on a regular basis. Of course, trips to the swimming pool and things like that are great for recreation, but I find it hard, sometimes, to fit that into my regular schedule.

For me, what I like best is to either walk or cycle to my destination(s) during the day or part of the day rather than driving or taking public transport. While it might take a little extra time to walk somewhere, as opposed to other forms of transportation, cycling doesn't generally require a whole lot longer than, say, the bus. And, of course, it is much cheaper.

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with some friends. Two of us decided to walk there -- about 7 kilometers. We all walked home together afterward. Little decisions like that help to fit a little bit of exercise into the overall schedule, helping to stay healthy without taking up a whole lot of extra time.

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