Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spanish Holiday

Travel about Spain can be an exciting adventure. There can be so much to see in romantic cities like Barecelona and Madrid, and flying from one city to the other can make for a perfect holiday. Flying instead of taking the train will save huge amounts of time. It all takes just about an hour -- the flying time itself is roughly that, and you don't have to check in beforehand. Compare that to a train journey that takes anywhere from five and a half to nine hours, and you'll see why the option of travel by air is really the way to go.

Air Europa flies from Barcelona's airport (Terminal B) and arrives in Terminal 4 (the new terminal) at Madrid Barajas. It is a daily flight, operating from 07:00 - 23.50 several times throughout the day. Ticket prices vary, but you can expect to pay anything from 94 euros to 320 euros return plus a 12 euro service charge.

You can find a great selection of Hotels in Madrid (see Hotels en Madrid for the Spanish site) and Hotels in Barcelona (see Hoteles en Barcelona for Spanish) when you visit

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