Sunday, August 12, 2007

Seeing Your Home on Travel TV

I just saw a short video of Singapore on the travel channel. It was recorded in 2003, just about at this time of year (it ended with National Day, August 9). It was fun watching it. I should say that the travel video was well put together, highlighting real life things, and not just the typical tourist spots. They incorporated a fair amount of commentary from local celebrities, and that added a real local feel to it.

It was strange, though, seeing things that I take for granted explained so carefully. For example, one boy was explainingt to the hostess what a "void deck" is. It is the empty first floor of most HDB blocks -- I mean, the residential buildings put up by the government, where most of us live. Anyway, it was funny hearing the boys explain what the use of a void deck is. They described it as a place to have weddings and funerals, and to play soccer. (Play soccer is actually prohibited there.) They seemed to have no clue as to how it all started, thinking that the purpose of the void deck was to provide a meeting place for such activity. Actually, the construction of these buildings is based on the raised homes that have always covered the region, with old atap houses resting upon stilts. The empty lower level is for ventilation, cooling the house beneath the floors by use of the nice sea breezes that surround us here.

Funny, watching how the younger generation has so lost touch with those older structures that they probably have no idea why the buildings are constructed this way.

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