Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Luggage

In May, I was in Shanghai for an extended period, and a friend came to visit while I was there. She was only there for a few days, and her luggage got lost. The airline gave her some money to get some things to wear while she was there, half of which we spent on lunch (naturally). Her luggage showed up the next day, and all was well.

Until she made her way home. That's when her luggage got damaged en route. Damaged to the point that it couldn't be repaired. The airline gave her some money to replace it, but this time it was sadly less than what the new luggage would have cost her.

I wish I had known then about innovation luggage and travelware. If I had, my friend could have searched through the extensive range of name brand luggage to find the one that best suited what she was looking for. You can get a lot of the items there at greatly discounted prices, which makes for a great deal.

Besides luggage, you can find lots of other traveling necessities at the website, as well as articles relating to travel tips, destinations, and suggestions.

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