Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Blog Day!

I just learned from silken that today is Blog Day. We bloggers are supposed to highlight 5 of our favorite bloggers. (Thanks silken!) Here's my list:

1. I met Pinhole while I was blogging with him at another site. I have really enjoyed reading everything he posts. He's a very funny guy. At his place, you can find lots of cartoons, and humorous posts. Pinhole's blog has to be one of the funnest places on the internet.

2. A Singaporean blogger who I always like to read is sien. I enjoy her writing, and really like to stop in and see what she's up to. She writes about things I can often relate to, like her post on traveling woes.

3. Another Singaporean blogging friend of mine keeps several blogs, and I often like to visit his book blog. He has recently been writing a lot about prayer, and I have enjoyed those short posts. He also keeps a work related travel blog and a leisure travel blog too.

4. For luxury travel, Five Star Allianc keeps one of the blogs I really like. Whether updating on airlines or hotels, you can find everything you want to know about luxury travel here.

5. Another travel blog I like to read is Travelin Shoes. This blogger recently spent National Day in Singapore on the island for the first time, and I always love hearing impressions from people after such an event. He's traveled far and wide, from Belarus to Dominica, and loads of places in between.

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Anonymous said...

huh.. cognitively thread :)

Anonymous said...

в конце концов: благодарю... а82ч