Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bottle Tree Park

Over the weekend, we spent an afternoon at Bottle Tree Park in Yishun (Singapore). Bottle Tree Park is owned by the people who run Bottle Tree Village, and has a lot of the same concept -- good food, a nice big plot of land, and (of course) bottle trees. What they have that the other location doesn't is a fishing pond. (You can read a little more about my first visit to the place and what all they offer here.)

We spent our afternoon there fishing. We rented the rod and were given bait (just plain bread), and there were lots of fish. We only caught two ourselves -- one big enough to keep and one not. We ate the one that was big enough to keep (it was from pond to pan to table, all in about 20 minutes). It made for a really fun way to spend the afternoon, for both kids and adults. And of course, eating what you've caught just a short while before is always good. Nothing like fresh fish! (There's also prawn fishing, so that could be really good too.)

You can reach Bottle Tree Park easily from the Khatib MRT station. It is less than a kilometer away, and can be a very pleasant walk. There is a big park there, so even if the kids get bored fishing, there is plenty to do. If you've got an afternoon to while away, it is lots of fun.

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