Monday, August 20, 2007

30 Minute Languages

As a frequent traveler, I've come across a resource that I think is going to prove very valuable to me.

I find, when traveling, that knowing a little bit of the local language goes a long, long way.  Not only is it easier to get around, but attempts to understand and speak a language always win points for you as you make your way around an unfamiliar environment.   I am not talking about mastering a language or anything, but just picking up enough bits and pieces to try to function... and even to let folks laugh at the feeble attempts to put the foreign words into one's own mouth.

The resource I've found that is fun to use, as well as being helpful, is a CD-ROM produced by euroTalk.  My 2-CD set has over 20 languages, helping the learner to pick up a few basics before hitting the road.  You can choose your own language to learn from, and then choose the target language that you are trying to learn, then get started on the lessons.

It works with both Windows and Mac, and is useful for anyone wanting to pick up a bit of help in a language before setting out on whatever big adventure is taking you overseas.

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