Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travels with Kids

Traveling with kids is a whole different ballgame from my normal solo travels. Fortunately for me, the kids I had along with me were very well behaved, but that was largely helped by a few things. I thought these few tips might be helpful to others who need to bring some little ones along on a long journey.

1. Try to help the kids be prepared. Tell them what to expect. Tell them what you expect of them. Tell them what your concerns are. For instance, if you're in a more crowded spot than they are used to, let them know that the danger of them getting lost is that much greater, and so they need to stick to you closer than ever. In other words, clear communication of what to expect and what is expected of them is a big necessity.

2. Bring along some things to entertain them, and let them carry it themselves. If they pack their own toys, books, and things, it will help them to feel excited about waiting times, which are inevitable.

3. Find quiet, uncrowded spots when you can during the journey. Let them sit down if that is what they need. If, on the other hand, they need to stretch their legs, you can let them run about in those uncrowded spots and burn off the excess energy.

4. Expect the unexpected. It is bound to happen somewhere along the journey, so don't let it rattle you. When you're rattled, the little ones will know it.

Having taken kids -- ages varying from 1 year to teenagers -- on international flights a number of times, these are the things I would advise. The journey can be exhausting if you let it, but if you plan properly, you can make it part of the adventure.

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silken said...

getting there is half the fun so they say. good tips here