Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Misa Travel

I'll be heading up to Shanghai on Monday, and I just got done booking my tickets at Misa Travel. I have to say that it is really a no-frills type of thing. They aren't going to do a whole lot of the extra warm-fuzzy stuff, but they get the job done.

What I like is that you don't have to do a whole lot of dealing with travel agents who are actually too busy to give you good service. You do all the choosing of flights, all the booking, and so forth, online. You then make payment by either credit card, cash, or direct transfer. Then you go and pick up your tickets.

If you are sick of so-so service from travel agents, Misa offers a good alternative that allows you to do it yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I just returned from Hong Kong. I had booked my airfare and hotel accommodation via Misa Travel and I have to say their service is totally bad.

Despite stating clearly, in priority, my intended departure dates and choice of hotels, they messed up my bookings. Then the staff in charge went on urgent leave for 2 days after collecting 50% cash downpayment! During that 2 days, no one was allowed to amend that staff's reservations!

In my case, Misa Travel's counterpart in Hong Kong was HS Travel based in Tsim Sha Tsui. Within 15 min after I met up with the airport to hotel transfer agent (his name is Michael Cheung Wai Shing), he started demanding that I pay him a HKD$50 tip per person upfront before I am allowed to board the coach. And I thought all these transfer expenses have already been fully paid to Misa Travel!

So potential travellers please beware of Misa Travel from Singapore and HS Travel from Hong Kong! They are just NOT RELIABLE despite stating in black-and-white that all expenses have been paid upfront prior to travel, they will DEMAND some more "TIPS"! Do your sums correctly as I found out the hard way after arriving in Hong Kong that after the mandatory "tips", Misa Travel's prices are not that cheap afterall!

hifidel said...

Wow Joe, I am sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with Misa Travel — especially because I just completed another booking with them yesterday!

I've actually used Misa many times over the years, and have not had trouble of the sort you complain of. But then, I always only book air tickets, and not package tours. That is pretty much my preference, wherever I book. I have found that package tours, generally, are as you describe. They seem to indicate that everything is included in the price you pay to begin, but then there are various fees to be included here and there along the way. It is a horrible practice, and I would much rather find my own way around anyway (that's half the fun).

I am not sure that this practice of Misa Travel is any different from industry standard when booking a package tour. I haven't had any problem with my air tickets from them so far, and like the ability to compare prices easily on their website. I will update if I do have trouble with them.