Sunday, July 08, 2007

City Sites Double Decker Adventure

If you are looking for things to do when you travel to New York City, there can seem to be an endless New York City Attraction river flowing past, making it tough to decide. Well, as you stand by looking at that ever-flowing stream, don't overlook City Sites NY double decker bus adventure.

I have not been on tours offered by this company myself, but I have been on a similar trip just recently in Singapore with my two nephews who are visiting me. Even in the town where I live, I found this to be a perfect tour. Sitting on the double decker bus, you ahve a great way to see the city, and it is especially nice for visitors to town who seldom use public transportations. The double decker buses are always fun and exciting for them.

But what I really enjoyed is how these tours take you to see all the best parts of town. With my nephews, we got to see all the highlights of downtown, and I got to sit back and relax and enjoy the sites too. It was a whole lot of fun for all of us.

The double decker bus tours that are offered here are pretty much modeled after what you see in New York from City Sites NY. I've been looking around at their site, and found that the trips that they offer are really good.

Check out some of these special tours available:

All Around Town
Super New York Tour
Shopping Spree

Something that had not crossed my mind before taking the double decker bus tour recently was that this sort of trip is perfect for figuring out how to spend the rest of your time in the city. If you've not been to the Big Apple before, you can spend a whole lot of time traveling to places that you might take a very short time to see. The double decker bus tour allows you to hit all those highlights from the comfort of your seat, and then decide which you want to see more close-up. The hop-on, hop-off tours look like the most fun to me, as they offer more flexibility to the traveler.

In addition, you can find helicopter rides and information on theater tickets at the site.

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