Thursday, July 12, 2007

Airline Credit Cards

One of the good ways to accumulate miles for free or discoutned travel is to use Airline Credit Cards. I've used one in the past, and collected a lot of frequent flyer miles that ultimately helped me get a free ticket to Hawaii. Now, how cool is that?

If you are deciding which credit card is best for you, one way to decide is to just go get credit cards from all the airlines with which you have frequent flyer miles. Trouble is, sometimes the fees can get really high. For that reason, it is nice to first stop in at, where you can compare the various cards and their benefits (and drawbacks) side by side. The way the information is arranged makes it easy to see what you are getting with each card.

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Funny Guy said...

Yeah... such kind of rewards cards are the better offer for active travellers, for those like me. I have already earned miles. That's very pleasant!!

Karen said...

All rewards credit cards can be profitable but not in all the cases. Air miles credit cards are especially an ideal variant for frequent travelers. My friend is a businessman and he takes advatage of such a card.