Thursday, June 14, 2007

North Cyprus

In the middle of the Mediterranean, there is still a gem that remains untouched: North Cyprus. Its a idyllic spot, surrounded by blue skies and bluer seas. The sea breezes and warm sun create the perfect environment to relax an enjoy a picture perfect life.

And, to make matters even better, North Cyprus Property is very affordable. Apartments can be bought for less than £30,000. Villas equipped with a swimming pool come with price tags below £100,000. That is almost unbelievable, when you think about the perfection of the environment.

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Cyprus Holidas said...

Oh yeah, I rested in the Northern Cyprus .
I lived in Green holiday Village
Kyrenina hotel. Then
elderly in Prince Inn Hotel in North
. Incidentally, I liked the choice of henry charles estates agents
(North Cyprus Properties).

Properties in north cyprus said...

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hifidel said...

Thanks for the first-hand account!

analytics said...

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Cyprus Apartment said...

by the way, forgot to say, Northern Cyprus ROCKS!!