Monday, June 18, 2007

Hostel 166

A unique place to stay in Singapore, and at a reasonable price, is Hostel 166 in Woodlands. It is a unit in a shop house complex, which means it is on the second floor, above a row of neighbourhood shops. It is the first of its type in Singapore, and was projected as a pilot to test how it would be to place hostels for budget travellers in the heartlands. Hostel 166 is working out great.

There is free internet access, DIY laundry facilities, clean accommodations, and even guided tours of some of Singapore's nature areas. And yes, there really are nature areas left in Singapore!

Check the list of rates, and I think you'll find it is one of the most reasonable places to stay in Singapore. It is certainly less cramped than the old facilities down at Beencoolen, where backpackers have traditionally gathered. And it gives travellers the chance to live in an HDB environment, just like where most Singaporeans live.

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