Monday, June 11, 2007


Before you get on a plane to head halfway across the Pacific to beautiful Hawaii, make sure and check out Hilo Vacation Rentals. You'll find great prices on outstanding accommodations at the website there, and you will surely not regret the time spent searching for top-notch accommodations.

Take, for instance, the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, where you can get a 1 bedroom ocean kitchenette at affordable rates. That's an oceanfront room that can house up to four people. And it has great views all round. The place looks like a dream-spot. Prices start at $280 per night.

Or perhaps you'd prefer something at Kulawai Falls, like a studio unit. It is a fantastic place to sty, with spectular views surrounding the place. Prices start at $700 per night. There are loads of activities available here.

Stop in and check out all the other great accommodations available on Hilo Vacation Rentals. You'll be glad you did.

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