Thursday, June 28, 2007

For Safe Travel

Everyone who travels opes that nothing out of the ordinary will happen on their journey -- at least as far as health is concerned. I've been pretty fortunate in my travels, for the most part, though I have had some friends who had really unfortunate events happen while on the road. A friend who was traveling with me in the Carribean fell from a balcony, several have had bad health on the way home, having to stop over in strange lands to try to recover, and several women I know were very sick on their honeymoons (one broke her nose!).

Those are the sorts of things that you hope never happen, all the more when you are on the road. Not only does it spoil a good trip, but it is all the more difficult to manage when you are in an unfamiliar environment and uncertain what to do and where to go to make things right.

One thing many smart travelers do to plan for such things is purchase vacation insurance. Not only is it there in case of injury, but it gives you protection in the event of inclement weather, cancellation, terrorism, and other unexpected events. And, it is always nice to be well-prepared for the unexpected.

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