Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Changi Chapel and War Memorial

Earlier this week, I took some visiting friends to the chapel and war memorial in Changi. It was my first visit there, and I found it well worth the time we spent.

The exhibits are somewhat limited, as the place is not huge. But there is plenty to see, all the same. Some of the photos and descriptions were very troubling, as I suppose is to be expected at a war memorial. I did enjoy seeing the model of the cell where prisoners of war were housed during the Japanese occupation, and couldn't help but think of stiories I have heard from friends about that time in the history of this place.

I think the thing I most enjoyed seeing was the display of art work produced by many of the POWs while they were in Changi prison. It was poignant, but also a real testimony to both the human spirit, and the inhumanity that we can often see in humans.

Entry to the chapel and war memorial is free. It closes at 5 pm.

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