Monday, May 14, 2007

Pay Per Post: Why I Love It

I am overseas right now, having a good time. A good portion of the money I've spent on this trip was earned from blogging -- much of it from one blog marketing company, Pay Per Post.

Pay Per Post is one of the easiest blogging ad companies to work with. They have a nicely laid out bulletin board that allows posties (that's us bloggers) to choose which opportunities they like, and then to post them and make a few extra bucks.

And there's a lot of money to be made, really. I've been posting for about 6 months and have made over $900 paid into my PayPal account to date. And more comes in all the time. It's been a very, very nice supplemental income for me.

And here's something really cool -- I'm not even really maxing out my potential. Sometimes while I am on the road (like in the past 2 weeks), I might have a little trouble getting online to blog -- or maybe I am just having too much fun to do so. Either way, I sometimes go for a week or so without posting a single ad from Pay Per Post, due to my travel schedule. As you can imagine, some of the bloggers who are more consistent than me are making even better money. But for me, I do it just for fun, and I am still making a pretty decent taking from Pay Per Post. And one thing I really like about them is that the staff comments on my blogs in their emails from time to time -- that is a nice feeling!

Oh... remember that $900+ dollars (and counting) that I've made? That doesn't count the money from referrals. If you aren't blogging for cash with Pay Per Post yet, you can click on this tab.

When you do, you can sign up there, and you'll be assigned a task, which is to review this blog. I'll get a little commission for that, and you will get paid $7.50 for it too. Not bad, huh? If you aren't a postie yet, don't wait. Click the tab and get started now.

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