Monday, May 14, 2007

Korea: Wanna Teach?

I know lots of people who support their overseas living by teaching. Some were already teachers before they moved overseas, but many use teaching English as a way to support their travel-lust. Most of the people who I know that are doing this are in China. There's a couple in Wuhan, a single lady in Xi'an, another friend in Kunming, and an elderly couple who recently left Shanghai after teaching here for more than a decade. It is the ideal way to get to know another country's lifestyle, and teaching often provides enough free time on the weekends and during breaks for the teacher to get to travel widely.

Restof is a website that lists just such opportunities for people who want to teach in Korea. I've only been to Seoul once, and that was some time back. I've heard that the countryside there is beautiful, and that's made me regret not having gotten out of the city while I was there (though I liked the city well enough).

Seeing Korea would be a fantastic thing to do. Teaching there would be all the better, as it would provide a real live-in experience instead of the regular tourist venture. Restof is really providing a great service for all those who have a real itch to see the world.

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