Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Blue Frog

I find myself in Shanghai again, this time with warmer weather. (Thank goodness!)

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to be invited to brunch at The Blue Frog on Mao Ming Lu. It is set right in the heart of an area that once was a hopping place for foreigners. My host, a French gentleman who has been living in Shanghai for 9 years and seems to know everyone and everyplace here, was quite nostalgic when speaking about the nightlife that used to circulate around Mao Ming Lu in the late 90s.

For now, though the scene has quietened just a bit, you will still find excellent eateries along Mao Ming Lu. At The Blue Frog, the menu for brunch was outstanding, and the prices were quite reasonable. My host and several of the other guests had the Eggs Benedict, and all pronounced them absolutely scrumptous. I went with the Greek Omelet, and equally enjoyed it. Others had the Santa Fe Roasted Chicken Sandwich and the Caesar's Salad. Both looked great, and all came with huge portions.

The atmosphere is wonderful, and was especially perfect in the sunny but breezy early afternoon hours yesterday. The prices are quite good when compared with the portions, about RMB 60 to RMB 85 for most of the set meals on the brunch menu. Certainly well worth the cost of the meal.

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