Thursday, May 31, 2007

Try this spot

When I started blogging, it was at the Drupal-based site, Writing Up. I loved the community that grew up there. Drupal sites are made for community, chatting, enjoying other like-minded people. I loved it.

Then it collapsed.

I tried making all of my other blogs into something like Writing Up. All of them combined didn't make it quite the same. I never imagined that Writing Up would be so hard to replace.

Thankfully, another fellow-blogger at WU felt the same. And she did something about it. She replaced it.

You'll find my main blog at communati, at least for now. If it turns out to be as good as it looks it is going to be, "for now" could turn out to be a very long time.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

A Thinking Blogger?

I have just received a thinking blogger award, thanks to silken. She was tagged by My Boots n Me,

1. Sien, for her stories

2. Singlish, for the Bible verses

3. Mom and More

4. Elizabeth Grace

5. Get Paid to Write

All of these are really great bloggers, and I think each one deserves the Thinking Blogger award! It would be great if each of you could link back here and pass the award on to five other bloggers who you think deserve the award! Here are the "rules" of the game if you are so inclined:

*Should the bloggers choose to participate, please make sure to pass the rules on to the next Thinking Blogs you tag.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

This award was began by ilker yoldas at The Thinking Blog. I hope to follow the links to some more great bloggers out there who make us think.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pumped About the Police

Sting. Stewart. Andy. They are touring together again. The Police are back. And I am really pumped.

I have loved the band for about as long as I've loved any group. I can't believe they are back together again and touring the world. The tour and the new Police CD are both very exciting to me. It feels like I am twelve again, holding a brand new copy of Synchronicity in my hands... but of course, it will be a CD instead of an album this time round.

Speaking of that new Police CD, take a look at this cover graphic

Sweeeeet! There they are, back together again. I can't wait to see them on stage, just like that, all 3 of them.

And the graphic is just the beginning. The titles are some of the best ever.
It really doesn't get much better than this. Just look at these track titles:

Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. Do Do Do de da da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits in the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara

Those 28 songs include some of the best ever. I have been a long, long time fan of The Police, and I am really pumped about their tour and new CD. I am going to feel like I've been rocketed back to my youth with the release of this CD, and I would so love to have a copy of it in my hands right now. If the tour includes either Shanghai or Singapore, I will make sure and be at the show -- maybe I'll even see it twice if they stop in both cities. It would be really fun to watch them in both cities, with a different set of friends each time. I would really love that.

I can't help but smile thinking back to my memories of those songs when they were new. It makes me smile and makes the heart ache with nostalgia all at the same time, remembering. It's not that I don't listen to the songs all the time -- because, to be honest, I still do. But it is just that having them together again, and hopefully performing in my city (or cities) is just too much.

I'll keep you posted on whether I get to go. And I will keep my fingers crossed. I am hoping, too, to get a package with the new CD in it very soon...!!! (*ahem*)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Costa Rica Vacation Bookings

I think the best way to make plans for a Costa Rica Vacation is to visit The website there really raises the bar for online bookings of all-inclusive holiday packages. You can find great images and even video tours at the site, which will make choosing the package that is right for you easier than ever.

To make matters even better, the prices at are really competitive. You can find the holiday package you want without having to pay a premium for it. Many well-traveled people agree that booking all-inclusive packages is the way to go. That's because it is a good way to get great savings, without having to expend a whole lot of time on extensive research. has already done all of the research and has put together the best packages for you, and at the best prices.

Visit or call toll-free at 1-888-205-3315 for reservations or more information.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


It has been a long time since I was last in Hawaii. I understand from the really well-traveled that I did not do my trip right. (Not surprising -- I didn't organize it myself, but went as a part of a school group.) What I've been told is that I needed to get off the Big Island and visit places like Oahu or Maui if I am really to enjoy myself.

After browsing through the Hawaiian Beach Rentals site, I think that the thing for me is to book a Kauai vacation rental, then hop on a plane and enjoy myself on the quiet beaches of Kauai. It sounds like just the sort of trip that I could use right now. In fact, it has been way too long.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hotels Combined

I've been browsing through, just to see if its comparison tool works well. What the site is set up to do is compare the results of several hotel booking sites all in one place.

I've just this past week had to do a little tap dance to get a hotel booked for some friends who have joined me in Shanghai. I have to say, I wish I'd found this site earlier. It would have saved a lot of energy that I otherwise expended doing said tap dance. I ran a comparison of prices, and it brought up a huge list of hotels to choose from. This is a really good resource, and one I've just bookmarked to use for my upcoming travels.

If you are looking for great deals on hotels, check out before booking. It offers a comprehensive comparison of results from multiple hotel booking sites.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fun in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is a great place to visit. My family and I had so much fun there that my nephew cried and cried when we left. He only got over the heartbreak of leaving when we had bunch of photos of the holiday printed at a one hour developer so that he could carry them in the car with him and look at them all the way home. From the back of the van, we kept hearing his little voice say, "I love you Goofy... I love you Mickey..." and once in a while, it would be accompanied by him kissing one of the photos. That's been some years ago, now, but it is as memorable a holiday as we ever had as a family.

When you get ready to have just such a memorable holiday in Florida, check out You can get great prices on Universal Studios Tickets, or packages for Disney tickets called, “Disney Magic Your Way.” These ticket options for Disney World include packages from one to ten days, with varying options to suit your needs.

You'll be glad when you save a bundle on the tickets to Universal Studios and Disney World. also has great prices on Disneyquest, Downtown Disney Pleasure Island, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks, and night time entertainment such as Arabian Nights, Medieval Times, or Pirates Dinner Adventure. You can also get tickets for Sea World or Kennedy Space Center there, and all at excellent prices.

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Hiking in Shanghai

This past Friday evening, I joined a friend for a city hike in Shanghai. We walked from Xu Jia Hui (outside of Gang Hui) to the Bund. That makes about 13 kilometers -- and my friend and I walked about 2 kilometers to get to Gang Hui in the first place. Here's the thing -- we did it in an hour and a half! That is fast walking. It was lots of fun, though, and we saw a good portion of downtown. The weather was great for it, too.

If you get a chance to join the hiking club for a downtown tour, they hike from the Xu Jia Hui area every Friday evening, around 7 pm. They usually end up around People's Square. It is fun, but make sure and get your walking shoes on. And be ready to move fast.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Shopping in Shanghai

When shopping in Shanghai, it is good to be aware that there are a lot of "bluff" items out there. There are imitation watches, imitation clothing, imitation everything. The thing is, sometimes the imitations are really well-made, and can look like the real thing. It is good not to be fooled.

That doesn't mean that every good deal you see is an imitation, though. There are some places that you'll find overstocked products or itms for export. These can come with some great prices. One place I've recently found when showing a friend around is Ao Te Lai Shi, on the way to Zhu Jia Jiao. If you take Bus 4 from the Olympic Stadium to Zhu Jia Jiao, it passes by Ao Te Lai Shi on the way, which makes it very convenient to reach.

Ao Te Lai Shi is an outlet mall, just like the sort you would see back in my home town. When walking the broad walkways and seeing the spiffy shops, I almost felt like I was in the US instead of China.

I found some really good bargains there, and my friend made a real haul.

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Golfing Holidays

In my area of the world, golfing is a rich man's sport. I know that is true, to a degree, nearly everywhere, but in Singapore, it is crazy how expensive golf can get. When I have golfing friends visit, I've generally recommended they travel to nearby Malaysia (or sometimes Indonesia) for golf rather than trying to play in Singapore.

And not only is golf expensive in Singapore, but so is all golf equipment. It's given me headache after headache, searching for gifts for my golf-loving relatives each year around Christmas time. That's why I'm glad to have come across Golf Balls and Accessories, where you can buy all sorts of golf equipment for reasonable prices online. They even have used golf balls for great prices -- as 30 cents each for mixed branded golf balls.

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Korea: Wanna Teach?

I know lots of people who support their overseas living by teaching. Some were already teachers before they moved overseas, but many use teaching English as a way to support their travel-lust. Most of the people who I know that are doing this are in China. There's a couple in Wuhan, a single lady in Xi'an, another friend in Kunming, and an elderly couple who recently left Shanghai after teaching here for more than a decade. It is the ideal way to get to know another country's lifestyle, and teaching often provides enough free time on the weekends and during breaks for the teacher to get to travel widely.

Restof is a website that lists just such opportunities for people who want to teach in Korea. I've only been to Seoul once, and that was some time back. I've heard that the countryside there is beautiful, and that's made me regret not having gotten out of the city while I was there (though I liked the city well enough).

Seeing Korea would be a fantastic thing to do. Teaching there would be all the better, as it would provide a real live-in experience instead of the regular tourist venture. Restof is really providing a great service for all those who have a real itch to see the world.

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Pay Per Post: Why I Love It

I am overseas right now, having a good time. A good portion of the money I've spent on this trip was earned from blogging -- much of it from one blog marketing company, Pay Per Post.

Pay Per Post is one of the easiest blogging ad companies to work with. They have a nicely laid out bulletin board that allows posties (that's us bloggers) to choose which opportunities they like, and then to post them and make a few extra bucks.

And there's a lot of money to be made, really. I've been posting for about 6 months and have made over $900 paid into my PayPal account to date. And more comes in all the time. It's been a very, very nice supplemental income for me.

And here's something really cool -- I'm not even really maxing out my potential. Sometimes while I am on the road (like in the past 2 weeks), I might have a little trouble getting online to blog -- or maybe I am just having too much fun to do so. Either way, I sometimes go for a week or so without posting a single ad from Pay Per Post, due to my travel schedule. As you can imagine, some of the bloggers who are more consistent than me are making even better money. But for me, I do it just for fun, and I am still making a pretty decent taking from Pay Per Post. And one thing I really like about them is that the staff comments on my blogs in their emails from time to time -- that is a nice feeling!

Oh... remember that $900+ dollars (and counting) that I've made? That doesn't count the money from referrals. If you aren't blogging for cash with Pay Per Post yet, you can click on this tab.

When you do, you can sign up there, and you'll be assigned a task, which is to review this blog. I'll get a little commission for that, and you will get paid $7.50 for it too. Not bad, huh? If you aren't a postie yet, don't wait. Click the tab and get started now.

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Distance Learning

Not everyone is big on travel (that's hard to believe, for me). This is especially true when it comes to traveling far away for college studies. For various reasons, many students find it necessary to stay closer to home when studying. That's why earning a master degree or undergraduate degree online can be ideal for anyone. You don't have to leave home at all to earn a distance learning degree -- you can literally do your studies in your own house. You take all of the courses online, and will receive a quality education too.

Capella University is an accredited university, offering courses in over 80 undergraduate and graduate specializations. Students from all over the world study at Capella University -- all 50 states and over 50 countries.

For more information, please visit or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

***This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit***

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Useful Blog Sites for the Singapore Traveler

My friend is a travel agent. I talked him into starting a blog recently, and he has been doing a really nice job of it. If you'd like to get some good tips from him for travel to or from Singapore, or around the region, here are some spots you might like to visit:

His Work Related Travel Site
His Work Place
His Leisure Related Travels

Do you like what you see at this blog? Write a review of it and get paid to do so!
Click this tab to get started

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Blue Frog

I find myself in Shanghai again, this time with warmer weather. (Thank goodness!)

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to be invited to brunch at The Blue Frog on Mao Ming Lu. It is set right in the heart of an area that once was a hopping place for foreigners. My host, a French gentleman who has been living in Shanghai for 9 years and seems to know everyone and everyplace here, was quite nostalgic when speaking about the nightlife that used to circulate around Mao Ming Lu in the late 90s.

For now, though the scene has quietened just a bit, you will still find excellent eateries along Mao Ming Lu. At The Blue Frog, the menu for brunch was outstanding, and the prices were quite reasonable. My host and several of the other guests had the Eggs Benedict, and all pronounced them absolutely scrumptous. I went with the Greek Omelet, and equally enjoyed it. Others had the Santa Fe Roasted Chicken Sandwich and the Caesar's Salad. Both looked great, and all came with huge portions.

The atmosphere is wonderful, and was especially perfect in the sunny but breezy early afternoon hours yesterday. The prices are quite good when compared with the portions, about RMB 60 to RMB 85 for most of the set meals on the brunch menu. Certainly well worth the cost of the meal.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Italian Walking Tour

Note: At my main blog, I have done poetry challenges off and on. The second poetry challenge involved making acrostics of words assigned by other bloggers. I liked doing that so much that this whole blog grew out of it.

The following acrostic was originally posted in that poetry challenge. I am afraid that site is falling apart, so I am reposting the entries over at other sites now. Normally, this would go over at my acrostics site, but since the topic seemed appropriate for this one, I am posting it here instead.

Italian Walking Tour

Submitted by believin on Sun, 2006-03-12 16:45.

Toppled lonely
Road where he walks
Alone, desolate deserted
Viaduct serving an
Empire passed away
Long ago, now
Empty, this fallen
Roman thoroughfare

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