Monday, April 02, 2007

Bookcrossing: the well-traveled book

When I travel, I always have a good book with me. I like to try to read a book that is either about the place I'm visiting, or is by an author from that place. It doesn't always work out that way, but I like to try to arrange it.

Another nice habit is that I like to take books that I plan to get rid of after reading. I've learned of a website that makes this habit all the more fun. Bookcrossing is the place, and I've written more about it here, and there has been a fun comments section there with updates every now and then from those who have stopped by and read it.

Bookcrossing is the habit of registering your book at the site, then "releasing it into the wild" for another reader to pick up. When they do so, they are supposed to log into the site and you can trace there how far your book travels.

When I visited the House of Flour in Shanghai back in December, I found a book that was registered at the Bookcrossing site. It is kind of fun, thinking I've brought it so far from there (to Singapore), and when I leave it elsewhere, who knows where else it will go?

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