Monday, April 02, 2007

The Amazing Race and the Long Night

I don't watch reality TV. Generally speaking, I don't like to sit and watch people reacting to real-life situations in overly dramatic fashion, and reality TV strikes me as being just that. And in fact, trying to contrive just such things.

That said, I do watch The Amazing Race sometimes. I've followed some seasons from beginning to end, and some I've just picked up here and there. I know most of the faces that are in the current All-Stars edition of the program, at least, and some I am rather fond of (like Uchenna and Joyce).

This past week, several of the teams got stuck spending the night in airports, some teams even staying 2 nights in a row in different airports. I've done that one, and it can really be exhausting.

I once stretched a trip from Singapore to Houston out into a 54 hour ordeal. Ugh. It was every bit as bad as it sounds, and then some.

Oh. I forgot to mention. It was Christmas Eve. I had chosen to route my flight through Memphis instead of Minneapolis, thinking to avoid bad weather. Wrong move. I got iced in... in Memphis. And, to make the irony all the thicker, they flew me to Minneapolis to get me out.

Those long nights in airports... they are not fun. I always take a good, thick book along. Just in case.

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