Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some New Travel Blogs

I've recently introduced a friend to blogging, and he's started up a number of new sites. I thought I'd place a link here to those sites so you can easily take a look:

The new blogger ValkrieANGEL has burst onto the scene.... have you met him yet? He's got a great site, with lots of great pictures!

He works in the travel industry, and his work place travel is a blog with all sorts of cool tips for traveling.

His leisure related travel is maintained by the same guy, but it's his own personal stuff, and not just work related. He's a really well-traveled guy, and he's got some great photos at that site.

He's also started a dime for my thoughts on books i have read, and it is a pretty clever little spot for reading up about books.

And finally, his JAMEO tips has lots of great tips for managing time and things like that.

I think he's doing a great job of getting started on his new blogs. Stop by and take a look at his place and see what you think. And tell him I said hi when you get there.

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