Monday, March 19, 2007

Shanghai Dining and Nightlife

I have a hard time deciding what I like best in Shanghai when it comes to dining out. There is so much variety there that it really blows the mind. Each part of China has a different style of cooking, and you can find it all in Shanghai. And that is not even mentioning the international cuisine available there.

The city is also packed full of bars and clubs. There is a more active night life in Shanghai than what you will find in many Asian cities. Xin Tian Di is one of the more lively areas for after hours, and attracts a large amount of foreigners almost every night of the week. And, of course, it is really hopping on weekends.

Xin Tian Di is located near Huai Hai Lu, and it is situated in a series of old buildings, now restored and filled with upscale restaurants and bars. It is a very pleasant place to spend an evening. I especially love the logo I've seen advertising Xin Tian Di: "Where yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today."

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