Thursday, March 08, 2007

Picadilly Circus, the Satay Club (London)

For Asians traveling in the UK, the food can quickly begin to feel bland and boring. It's one of the complaints I often hear from friends here in Singapore and from other parts of Asia when they talk about traveling to the UK.

When I was in London, I found just the thing to solve this problem. Right in the heart of Picadilly Circus is a little restaurant that calls itself the Satay Club. The satay there was pretty authentic, as was the rest of the Singapore/Malaysia cuisine.

I know... it's kind of bad to travel so far overseas and start craving food from home. Ideally, it's great to get immersed into the culture and enjoy the flavors of the place to which you've traveled. But after a while, a meal like what you can get at the Satay Club is a great feeling. I imagine it would be all the more appealing to people who are working or studying in the UK and would like a change of pace.

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