Monday, March 19, 2007

Gold Mines on the South Island

When I was in New Zealand, there was one thing that captured my fancy as something I'd very much like to do one day. On the South Island, between Dunedin and Queenstown, there are a lot of abandoned mining operations. The area is closed to car traffic, but is still open to bicycling and hiking. I would love to take a bike and tour from one side of the region to the other. That would be one fantastic trip to make. It wasn't feasible when I was there before, since we were traveling with kids, but it sounds like something that will be lots of fun to do somewhere down the road.

While planning the trip to New Zealand, I was intrigued and so did a lot of reading about that area, which is now pretty much a series of ghost towns. The glory days of mining for gold are over. But gold bullion hasn't lost ground in its value as an investment over the years. Monex Deposit Company makes the old days of miners digging gold out of the earth's core, hoping to make their forture, seem like ancient history. Today, a purchase of bullion, coins, or ingots can be done online, and arrangements made to keep the investment in a secure depository. How different is that from Clementine's dad's life?

No wonder all those little towns are abandoned now, down there on the South Island. But it is a part of the world's history I'd still like to have a look at. I'm still waiting for the day when I can cycle through those old abandoned trails.

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