Monday, March 05, 2007

Going to Phoenix? A Resource for You...

Before you head to Phoenix on your next trip, take a look at AZ Central. It will give you all sorts of tips on Phoenix events so that you can make the best of your time while you travel to Phoenix.

AZ Central is one of the top-rated newspaper-affiliated websites. It offers all sorts of good info on what's going on in Phoenix, and makes planning your itinerary there a real breeze. To make it even better, AZ Central recently expanded both its calendar and its budget, making it a real repository of information about Phoenix and the events you won't want to miss while you are there.

Stop by AZ Central if you need info on Phoenix dining and nightlife. AZ Central plans to have at least 3 completely new restaurant reviews each week, and to provide definitive guides to the top restaurants, bars, nightclubs and after-work activities in the Phoenix area. So before you travel to Phoenix, stop by AZ Central

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