Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Tea Party, Singapore

The Tea Party is a great little tea house situated on Bt. Timah road in Singapore, right after the Sixth Avenue turnoff, if you are heading north towards Woodlands from downtown.

The Tea Party has a large selection of specialty blends coming from all over the world, including some special blends of their own. There are over 100 varieties available, and the menu provides a good description of each.

The place is nicely set up, with comfortable seating. It is a perfect place to spend several hours with friends, chatting it up and sipping a specialty cup of tea. It's even a good spot to sit in the afternoon working on the laptop using their wi-fi connection, when the space is fairly quiet.

The staff is a friendly bunch, and they are always willing to help customers make a good choice for a nice pot of tea. They're equally willing to explain all the finer points of properly enjoying a cup of tea.

The scones with cream cheese are an excellent accompaniment to most of the fine blends of tea at The Tea Party. The other desserts look good, but I've never pulled myself away from the scones long enough to try them.


silken said...

sounds fabulous! I would love to try it out! ;)

hifidel said...

it really is that good, silken! if you're going to be in singapore, you'll definitely want to check it out!