Sunday, February 18, 2007

Staying In Touch on the Road

A friend of mine in Shanghai likes to tell me that "a smart rabbit always has three holes." She says that referring to the fact that I more or less have 3 homes, one in Singapore, one in China, and one in the US. I guess that makes me a smart rabbit.

Keeping in touch all the time with all 3 homes can be a bit of a juggling act, though. For the most part, I manage by using a very good roaming service with my cell phone plan, but when I had to give up trying to keep my favorite of all the cell phones I've ever owned working, I had a little bit of a difficult time finding the exact phone I wanted to use that would offer me the features I want while still keeping it low-tech. The most difficult was getting all the right roaming features.

I finally replaced the old Sony Ericsson Z200 with a Z300, but it didn't roam the way I needed. Most of the other new cell phones that I see have more features than I want, getting too high tech. I have been going back and forth between one phone and another, always just short of satisfied with the service they offer, for about a year now. I miss my Z200. It was the perfect companion for traveling between my 3 homes. I just came across some information on the W300i that looks like it may be the phone I should try out to replace the old model.

At any rate, I've managed to keep in touch in my travels, though not always as smoothly or easily as I would've liked. Having a good roaming plan is the most important thing. But making good use of prepaid plans is also important. I am able to keep a separate number in each of my 3 homes this way, while still managing to stay in touch via my main line with the other 2 homes, wherever I happen to be at the moment. Many other travelers ask me about how best to stay in touch on the road, and I always recommend a combination of a good roaming service and a wise use of prepaid plans.

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