Monday, February 05, 2007

House of Flour, Shanghai, China

While most people might not think of China as a place to get really good bread, The House of Flour seeks to overturn that notion. Located at the Zhang Jiang Metro Station, The House of Flour has a really good menu. When I ate there, it was cold outside, but the warm soup and bread provided a great way to escape the chill. And the cheesecake was out of this world.

The owner/manager team brings an international feel to the little eatery. One hailing from Malaysia, and the other from Seattle, they bring a unique feel to the Shanghai dining experience. Both are very friendly chaps, and can hold a good conversation with guests, whether in English or Mandarin.

Right inside the door to The House of Flour, I was thrilled to find a shelf full of books with the Bookcrossing label on them. I picked up a collection of fantasy short stories to take with me, and will surely leave something else there when I next visit the place.

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jennannej said...

I'd be thrilled to find a shelf of bookcrossing books, too!