Tuesday, January 16, 2007

After a Long Day of Travel

I've been thinking about flying nearly all day, today. Mostly because I spent a good part of the day flying, or waiting in customs lines... all that sort of good stuff.

Over here in Asia, it used to be that we could get cheap flights to nearby destinations easily. With the rising taxes and all, I have begun to think that those cheap flights are a thing of the past. I did manage to get a reasonable deal on this flight I took today, particularly when considering that I booked it rather last minute. But it seems that every time I fly (which is often), the prices are rising.

It makes me wonder what people do in other places where the cost of living is high. I have noticed that in Europe it is possible to get cheap flights on by flying Monarch, and I've flown many a budget airline in the US. I am pleased to see more budget airlines coming up in Asia too, and hope that this will make a dent in the upward trend I seem to see in flights these days. When my regular Shanghai-Singapore route is affected by prices like what Monarch offers, I will be very pleased.

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