Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kukop Island, Malaysia

Off the west coast of Johor lies Malaysia's largest mangrove island, Kukup Island. It is infested with all sorts of wildlife, and the trees which cover the island are that interesting sort which have their roots growing up out of ground, in order to better soak up the salt water they need to survive.

When I was in Kukup, it was December, which is winter in the regions north of there. The island was covered with white birds, mostly perched atop the trees. These were Chinese egrets, flown down those thousands of miles from China to the warm climate of Malaysia.

While viewing the island from a floating fishery, I also saw 2 wild boars. The first was making its way back into the jungle from the coast. The second gave me a view of what they were doing along the coast. I watched it walk out from the jungle, plodding along the top of the protruding roots of the mangrove trees. It reached the edge of the coast, grabbed a fish from the fishing nets, and scampered back into the jungle. It seems the wild boars have found a ready supply of fish, stealing from the fishermen who make their livelihood just meters away at the floating fishery.

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