Friday, November 17, 2006

The Road to Penang

Stretched across the northern section of the Malaysian peninsula lies a vast jungle area. It expands out across the hilly region, a lush green landscape.

Somehow or another, a highway has been built through this jungle undergrowth, running roughly from Kota Bahru to Penang. It is an engineering feat, how that road was built, and it still lies today in one of the most rugged regions of Peninsular Malaysia.

Standing next to the roadside are signs that are common for many parts of the world, indicating a warning to beward of crossing animals. However, what is noteworthy about these signs is that they picture elephants, this being one of the world's few highways that would have to worry about elephants crossing it.

And I've heard that it can be a problem. Night driving there is highly discouraged because nighttime is the time the elephants most like to crowd the highway. The blacktopped surface of the road attracts heat throughout the day. In the cool of the jungle night, this heat can be appealing to the elephants, who often like to sleep there. And a collision with an elephant, no matter how sturdy one's vehicle, could be a deadly affair.

Tigers have also been known to roam the highway at night.

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