Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chinese Theater, LA

In front of the Chinese Theater in LA, there lies the famous stretch of road upon which you can see the names and hand/footprints of the stars, outlined and laid out within a star of its own. It is a fun walk to make, with one's eyes downturned, reading the names, seeing the little messages carved into the stone, and thinking about the careers these famous folk have made over the years.

Both times I've been there, I enjoyed the sights and the walk very much. Once I was there at midmorning, and once closer to midnight. The place has a very different feel at the different times of day. If you are the sort who might feel a little paranoia about parking on a dark, rather seedy-feeling side street, then stick to the midmorning routine. Or perhaps just plan your route better than I did to avoid those sorts of parking spaces.

But the creatures of the night who roam about the place after dark do add a special feel to the air, and it is worth seeing then too. If you are the sort who likes to keep company with vampires and night owls, making a trip down there in the cool of the late night is something that is worth keeping in the memory books.

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