Monday, November 27, 2006

Bottle Tree Village

On the northern coast of Singapore, out near Sembawang Park, there is a little restaurant nestled back in the jungle. It is off the beaten track, and mostly it is a place frequented by locals.

Bottle Tree Village, that isolated little eatery off the beaten path, is situated across the straits from Malaysia, with a nice view of the jungles on the Johor coast sitting across the water. It is a breezy little spot, and a wonderful place to while away the afternoon.

I've spent many afternoons there, soaking up the quietness. For that, it is the perfect place. It is hard to believe this hideaway is in Singapore, as it is the perfect escape from all the urban bustle.

Getting there without your own transportation isn't that easy. (Getting there by cab is easy, but catching a cab out less so.) However, if you are a bit of a walker, there is a nice walking path that stretches from Yishun (near the industrial park) all the way out to Bottle Tree Village. It's about a 3 km walk along a canal.

Oh. And the food. Well, it isn't the best in Singapore, for the price (not cheap, but not terrible). But if a quiet escape spot is in order, it is definitely a place to consider. And the seafood is the best choice from the menu.

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